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Capitalism is the most prevalent and powerful economic system on the planet. Its current structure and inertia is degrading the assets upon which business, society, and all life depends.

Whether you work for an innovative startup or multinational corporations, there is a way that your business can disrupt the status quo – If you want to know more, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Regenerative Enterprise.

Do you know the Eight Forms of Capital?

Businesses and individuals are judged on their financial balance sheets. But success is actually determined by the flows of multiple forms of capital – Social, Intellectual, Material, and more. Which forms of capital are driving your business?

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Excellent thinking and real world experience – These authors are actually doing what they write about. This book should be required reading for all business students.

Beyond briliant – The concepts in this book could truly heal our troubled society…This book is a must read by every elected official, teacher, student, everyone!

Regenerative Enterprise shows us how we as individuals as well as society can “include and transcend” capitalism as we know it.

Eight Forms of Capital

The core framework of Regenerative Enterprise disrupts single-bottom-line business as usual. Financial capital currently rules the world, but it does not exist in isolation. Learn how to identify and assess all 8 forms of capital, and which 4 must be nurtured to achieve true regeneration.


Learn the founding story of Regenerative Enterprise, and the lineages from which it was sourced.

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Ethan Roland Soloviev and Gregory Landua are startup executives working at the intersection of technology, capital, and Earth. Discover their enterprise ecosystems and connect with them directly.